Zombies in der Silvesternacht Christian Michalak Sprecher

Audio Drama: Dr. van Weyden in “Zombies in der Silvesternacht”

Here is one of the first Audio Dramas I was allowed to take part in. It might even have been the very first Audio Drama. I play the slightly arrogant Dr. van Weyden. It was published on New Year’s Eve 2012. Scaaaaary! 🙂 The great thing is, you can listen to the Audio Drama in full length on youTube:

“The 80s. The time of punks and poppers, perms and blow-dried hair, leggings and denim shirts had arrived. But it was also the time when zombies still crept through dark corridors and their vocabulary was limited to grunts and brains. / A group of American teenagers break into the local medical institute on New Year’s Eve and make a gruesome discovery. Experiments were being conducted in the name of the military that no one ever thought possible.”


Marc Schülert (Narrator); Christiane Marx (Sophia Cilenti); Jamie Leaves (Deedee); Paul Conrad (Chris Cilenti); Dagmar Bittner (Melody); Andreas Hegewald (Herb); Christian Michalak (Dr. van Weyden); David Riedel (Tony Videira); Falko Diekmann (Danny Sheridan); Tim Gössler (Mr. Alexander); Markus Haacke (Minister Clawford); Jessica von Haeseler (Miss Durden); Dennis Trust (Police-Officer); Ronald Martin Beyer (Joe); Sascha Kiss (Soldier); Jens Wenzel (Christopher); Werner Wilkening (Credits)

Wolf Nilson (Direction and Edititing); Frank Hammerschmidt (Idea and Script); Falko Diekmann, Sabine Schierhoff (Lectorate); Wolf Nilson, Tim Beutler und diverse Künstler von Jamendo.com (Music); Titelsong “Megakalt” komponiert, produziert und gesungen von Wolf Nilson; Herbert Ahnen (Coverlayout and Artwork); Wolf Nilson, André Reichow, Sascha Kubath und Freesound.org (SFX)

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