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ZDF: Role in television clip “Interrogation” in satire show

In the upcoming edition of the ZDF cabaret show “Mann, Sieber!” on May 09, 2017, I can be seen in another clip with Tobias Mann and Christoph Sieber. Addendum from 11.05.2017: And in the meantime, the video is also available online on YouTube:

This shoot was particularly fun for me. Finally playing in a typical interrogation scene, with neon lights, lots of fog and in the half-light. Admittedly, I look pretty old in this scene, but it’s not every day that you get waterboarded by Tobias Mann and the make-up artist made me look even older (I’ll just say that now) 😉

Waterboarding with Tobias Mann

The waterboarding wasn’t that bad either. Tobias Mann tortured me very lovingly and always apologized. By the way, contrary to what it looks like in the film, Tobias is not a smoker. Nevertheless, he had to smoke ashtrays of fags for the shots. It always takes quite a long time until the director and camera people are satisfied. 😀

Christian Michalak (left) in the ZDF satire show “Mann, Sieber!” – Screenshot: YouTube

Incidentally, the shoot took place in a Cologne industrial complex that also served as a location for some shots in the ZDF crime series Wilsberg. Right next door to our interrogation room was the hallway that leads to forensic medicine in Wilsberg. All fake! The tiles made of wood! I even have some photos of it somewhere, but I’m not sure if I’m allowed to publish them here, and before ZDF sues me, I’d rather not. 😉

Towards the end of the movie, my colleagues and I had to press our faces against the glass of the interrogation room (see photo) and look as desperate as possible. That was very funny. Especially since we had to look sweaty and wet in the process. But since shooting the scene took longer, as it often does, we were regularly splashed wet by the makeup artist. Very refreshing! Fortunately, it wasn’t too cold on this shooting day.

Here are more videos of my appearances on the ZDF program “Mann, Sieber!”.