Netflix historical drama “Troy”: German Voice of Joseph Mawle as Odysseus

He may be a bit dirty and taciturn, but he’s a “real guy”. And I got to voice Odysseus (Joseph Mawle) in the Netflix series “Troy – Fall of a City”.

Paris (Louis Hunter) has lived his life as a shepherd until now and has no idea of his true origins: he is the Prince of Troy. Aphrodite (Lex King), the goddess of love, once promised him a woman he would fall in love with and so one day he comes across Helen (Bella Dayne). He falls in love with the beauty, but unfortunately she is already married to Sparta’s powerful King Menelaus (Jonas Armstrong). When Paris discovers his true parentage and flees with Helen to his homeland, her proud husband will not put up with the abuse. Menelaus calls his Greek allies to his aid and soon stands at the gates of Troy with a gigantic force and the greatest warriors of his time. It is the beginning of a bitter war lasting ten years, whose course, heroes and victims will go down in history forever… Source: