Netflix-Serie “Loaded”: Voice of Jonny Sweet

As of now, the comedy “Loaded” can be seen on Netflix, with my voice among others. This time I was allowed to voice the main character “Ewan Fox”, played by Jonny Sweet.

“Money alone does not make you happy – you also have to know how to handle it: When friends Josh (Jim Howick), Leon (Samuel Anderson), Watto (Nick Helm) and Ewan (Jonny Sweet) sell their start-up company, which has developed an extremely successful video game, they are filthy rich in one fell swoop. But the four men in their mid-30s get carried away with debauchery and are completely overwhelmed by the rolling avalanche of money.While game designer Watto spends the money with fun and full hands, programmer Ewan is plagued by moral doubts and feelings of guilt as a result of the sudden wealth. Leon has no moral worries. He engineered the sale deal and enjoys the new jet-set life to the fullest. But the link, moral compass and leader of the troupe is Josh, in whose parents’ house the buddies developed the game, more precisely in a caravan in the driveway to his parents’ house.” Source: