Audible Hörbuch Ikigai Christian Michalak

Audible Audio Book: “Ikigai – Gesund und glücklich hundert werden”

If you want to know how to live to a hundred healthily and happily, then listen to the audiobook “Ikigai – Gesund und glücklich hundert werden” which I am narrating! Now on Audible, Amazon and everywhere where there are audiobooks.

“What is the secret to a long life? According to the Japanese, everyone has an ikigai. The word ikigai is Japanese and means what it is worth getting up for in the morning, or simply: “the meaning of life”. The ikigai is hidden within us, and we must patiently search to find it. If we succeed, we have the chance to grow old healthily and happily. The model for this are the inhabitants of the Japanese island of Okinawa, where most centenarians live.

The authors of this book went to Okinawa to get to know the lifestyle, diet, traditions and philosophy of life of the Okinawans personally.

The practical, quick-to-implement instructions in this audiobook show how to discover your own Ikigai. In addition, the numerous interwoven stories of the centenarians, who reveal their Ikigai secrets, are a small revelation.” Source: abp-Verlag