Christian is the voice of Jason Silva in Brain Games

“Brain Games”: Voice-over in Disney+ series

In season 7 of the science show “Brain Games”, I am the spokesperson for host Jason Silva. Available now on Disney+. This series manages the perfect balancing act between entertainment and science education.

The brain is the control centre of the human body. An organ weighing 1500 grams that controls every thought, decision and action of the human being. The brain is our inner super-computer that processes everything we hear, see, smell, touch or taste. Yet despite its constant high performance, this computer is extremely energy efficient, requiring only 12 watts of operating power. For all its complexity and ingenuity, however, the brain can also be tricked extremely easily. […] “Brain Games” starts here and takes the viewer on a journey of discovery into the incredible abilities of the human brain.

Through experiments, street games, stimulating brainteasers and optical illusions, phenomena related to our thinking organ are illustrated – and backed up by scientific facts. The programme invites the viewer to participate: In the so-called “Brain Games”, small interactive games with surprising results, everyone gets to know their brain again from a completely new angle. The programme about the grey cells is hosted by Jason Silva. He is assisted by experts in cognitive science, neuroscience and psychology.
Source: National Geographic Channel

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