Hörbuch, Hin und weg verliebt

Narrator in audio book “Hin und weg verliebt -Alaska wider Willen”

In the audio book of Ellen McCoy’s novel “Hin und weg verliebt – Alaska wider Willen” I was allowed to speak the role of Ryan Miller. The audio book is available here.

“You long for faraway places and want to fall in love again? Then come with me to Alaska – and lose yourself in the feel-good of a romantic comedy! ‘Hin und weg verliebt – Alaska wider Willen (Band 3)’ by Ellen McCoy (Elvira Zeissler). Read by the wonderful narrators Cornelia Prescher, Christian Michalak and Franziska Trunte.” Source: LAUSCH Medien

“Meg Leary wants nothing more than to leave her hometown North Pole behind. But her parents would never forgive her for that. Ryan Miller only comes to Alaska because he wants to win Beth, whom he has secretly loved for years, over on this trip. When their paths cross by chance, Meg comes up with a desperate plan. She wants to help Ryan win Beth in return for him convincing her parents to finally let her go. However, this is bound to cause emotional chaos, because as we all know, love has its own way…” Source: bookbeat.de

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